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Who We Are

We are CleverOgre. We're a clan of creative minds in Pensacola that only take two three things seriously: our awesome clients, our web design work and our love of music.

As a small creative agency in Pensacola, Florida, we’re experts at being flexible in today’s marketing landscape. We continuously build on our hard-earned reputation as a website design team who stays ahead of the curve. We aren’t happy simply doing what looks cool, we want to create effective solutions that function in a cool way.

We work side-by-side with our web design and logo clients. We listen to their ideas, their concerns and their goals. We create an end product that’s tailored to speak to their audience, one that brings out the viewer’s emotions, one that has SOUL.

Who We Want to Work With

Want to pick up the tab on a round of beers? Well, would you look at that, you just moved to the top spot on our favorites list.

But seriously, we love our web design and logo clients and we want our clients to love us.

We want clients who are looking to make an impact in the world, who aren’t satisfied at just going along for the ride. We want clients who are brave enough to stand beside us, and smart enough to trust our direction. We want clients who are passionate about what they do — and what we do for them. We want clients who aren’t afraid to be a little different, who are willing to go beyond the normal, the everyday, the expected.
We want clients who will high-five us at the grocery store when they see us.

What We Do

Our team dabbles in a little bit of everything: The Ogres can launch a Pensacola website in the morning, sling craft beers in the evening, rock a venue into the wee hours, and even make you a delicious croque-monsieur for those late-night cravings.

Design + Development + Content + Optimization = Awesomeness

Our creative capacities cover a lot of ground. We specialize in website development, design work, content creation and listings management. We pride ourselves on doing things the right way, but also know when it’s OK to break with tradition.

The pace of change in our industry is increasing all the time. We’re always learning new things, and we love providing our Pensacola web design clients with new options to help solve their problems. Because in the end, that’s at the core of everything we do at CleverOgre: We’re here to help.

Let's Rant.

Sure, we've got a few issues, but who doesn't nowadays?

We Ogres aren’t shy about speaking our minds. While we love to talk about Pensacola websites and advertising, we also share our thoughts on technology, music, food, and more. Hell, we might even throw in a few NSFW posts just to see if we can’t get you in trouble with the boss. Check out our latest post below, or read more of our rants here.

Why CleverOgre Loves Gutenberg

Why CleverOgre Loves Gutenberg

Gutenberg, the latest built-in editor for WordPress, is truly a game changer for making websites easy to edit and update. At CleverOgre we love Gutenberg and its continually expanding functionality, and we think you will, too!