Truth or Myth

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the truth from the myths. In this age of fake news, fake eyelashes and fake meat, how can any of us be sure what’s really, really real?

Test your critical eye and knowledge on Pensacola, website design and more with our fun little game, Truth or Myth!

Think you have a Truth or Myth question that can stump the Ogres?

Send it to us via email and if we like it, we’ll add it to the game and give you lots of OgrePoints™! No cash value, but they sure make you feel good about yourself.

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WordPress is garbage, it’s a platform full of overused templates and abandoned blogs.

I like what you got

You genius, you.

Danny Devito No

No, don't believe the negative hype.

Myth! While it’s true there are untold numbers of free and cheap templates of dubious quality that operate on the WordPress platform, that’s not how we do WordPress at CleverOgre. Read our post on why we, and a good chunk of all the websites in the world, use WordPress as the CMS of choice for custom-built websites.


CleverOgre Says Yes to WordPress!

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Pensacola’s nickname, “The City of Five Flags,” refers to the checkered flags earned by five-time winner of the Snowball Derby, Rich Bickle.

The truth always comes out one way or another

Can't fool you!

No! Thats a myth

That's wrong. Just... wrong.

Myth! Pensacola’s nickname, “The City of Five Flags,” refers to the flags of Spain (Castile), France, Great Britain, the Confederate States of America, and the United States, all of which have flown over Pensacola. Rich Bickle IS one heck of a short track racer, though.

Read more about Rich Bickle’s amazing history at the Snowball Derby

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Rotating header images (AKA sliders, slideshows, rotators, them movin’ pictures at the top of a website) are a necessary feature of every good website.


You're right, and we can still be friends.

every single one of you is wrong


Myth! While they were a super hot commodity a few years ago and are still included in most every run-of-the-mill website template, analysis shows they do nothing to increase conversions or engagement.

Read about why sliders are not necessary in most cases.

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It’s a good idea to design your website before the content is created.

burt reynolds yes nod

Can't Fool You!

Miss Piggy no

That's wrong. Just... wrong.

Myth! Your content — the words, photos and graphics that fill up a web page — is one of the key elements needed to design your site. Along with your goals and functionality requirements, your content sets the stage for designing a beautiful, effective website.

Read about why content comes first.

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If I build a website, visitors will come.

clint eastwood yes nod


How about no sloth

Oh no!

Myth! A well-crafted website is a thing of beauty, offering user-friendly avenues to help increase sales, distribute relevant information and build brand loyalty. However, websites don’t create demand for a product or service on their own, they simply act as a convenient channel for tapping into existing demand.

Read a cool article about demand creation from Fast Company

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Like most things in life, with websites you get what you pay for.

wonder years yes

You're right, and we can still be friends.

Lana noooope gif


Truth! While your cousin’s-teacher’s-next-door-neighbor’s-son, who works out of his grandma’s basement, may in fact build decent websites for a few hundred bucks, chances are he does not have the years of experience or breadth of knowledge that a team of coders, writers, social media and SEO professionals brings to the table.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

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My clients don’t use mobile devices to access websites, so I don’t need my site to be mobile-friendly.

al bundy thumbs up


Chewbacca no


Myth! Even if you don’t have a single client that uses a smartphone to browse the web (which is wholly unlikely: as of 2017 mobile searches outpaced desktop searches world-wide), Google recently announced it’s new ranking algorithm designed to favor mobile search use, and is basing important rankings in part on mobile page speed and other mobile-centric factors.

Read more about Google’s Mobile Page Speed Ranking

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Lovebugs were accidentally introduced to Florida when a bioengineering experiment created to help eradicate Florida’s mosquitoes escaped the lab. The bugs celebrate their epic escape twice each year by smashing themselves into our vehicles en masse.

and the truth will set you free


NO, Tina thats a myth you cant do that


The lovebug (Plecia nearctica) is a species of march fly, also known as the honeymoon fly or double-headed bug. While they do swarm in coupled pairs in the spring and fall along the Gulf Coast, they are not the synthetic results of a University of Florida genetics experiment gone wrong.

Lovebugs are not lab-grown monsters.

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