2022 All Wrapped Up

As the New Year quickly approaches, the Ogres are busy squeezing all we can out of these final days of 2022. We’re fine-tuning some recently launched sites while preparing some amazing new projects that will headline our 2023 lineup of new websites.

Speaking of launched sites, we’ve had some great design and development projects pass through our Caves these last 12 months. From local non-profit organizations and up-and-coming Pensacola businesses to larger corporations located throughout the US, we’ve been fortunate to put out work we’re proud of for some truly excellent people. Here are just a few of our favorites from 2022:

Hillcrest Private AcademyHillcrest Private Academy — hc-pa.com

We love solving problems and helping clients achieve their goals by making their day-to-day workload easier. This site does just that, through lots of custom programming and a one-of-a-kind user portal so parents and teachers can manage their homeschooled student’s information, grades, forms and other documents. The new Hillcrest website serves as a homeschool “front office” for clients in Florida, across the US, and out in the global community.


United Ministries websiteUnited Ministries — united-ministries.com

The Ogres love helping non-profit organizations find better and more efficient ways of reaching those they serve. This beautiful site communicates the UM mission while visually guiding users through a series of simple qualifying questions. The custom user panel allows UM volunteers to process these requests, gather needed documents, and provide real help to those who need it most in our community.


Dominguez Design-Build websiteDominguez Design-Build — dominguezdesign-build.com

One of the fastest-growing companies in their market, DDB needed a site that represented their well-deserved reputation for delivering on their promises. The custom design and programming utilized throughout this site captures the very essence of who Dominguez Design-Build is. Engaging animations, project documentation and bidding information, and simple calls-to-action make this site as effective as it is beautiful.


Northern Gulf Environmental websiteNorthern Gulf Environmental – northern-gulf.com

After decades of providing environmental assessment services throughout the Southeast, Northern Gulf needed a site to help them stand out in their industry. We designed and built a highly-customized website that allows potential clients to take one look and know, “yeah, these guys are legit.” Focused on services, the site’s custom graphics, straightforward navigation, and map-based work portfolio leave no doubt about Northern Gulf’s experience and dedication.


North Hill Preservation Association websiteHistoric North Hill – historicnorthhill.com

Inspired by the craftsmanship and attention to detail found in the majestic homes of the North Hill Preservation District in Pensacola, this gorgeous site is as custom as it gets. Serving as the public face of the North Hill Preservation Association, it features a custom-built map with user-enabled filtering, amazing graphics, and show-stopping photography. While supporting the organization’s goals, the site also provides a visual tour of local architectural history and serves as an informative library for current homeowners in the district.

While we couldn’t list every website we’ve had our hands on in 2022, we hope you enjoyed a glimpse of what we’ve been up to. Happy holidays to you and yours, and may we all enjoy a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

If you think you’re ready to have your site reimagined by CleverOgre in 2023, get in touch with us and we’ll talk soon!