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Discussing SEO

Recently, one of our website and hosting clients typed in the brand name of one of the products he sells and found his competitor at the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). Why wasn’t his shiny, new CleverOgre website in the top spot?

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Just Say No to Plagiarism

Richard Aycock’s company, Widget Avenue, was growing and he decided it was time to redo his website. He had heard people talking about SEO, keywords, quality content, site maps and crawlability; he just didn’t know what all that stuff meant.

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Search Engine Ranking

There was a time, and you might remember it, when experts recommended stuffing every possible keyword into a website to improve search engine ranking. Titles, body copy and meta tags were filled to the brim with pretty much any word that could be remotely connected with the topic or product on the website.