OgreAlert Plugin from CleverOgre

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has probably upended many aspects of business for you.

Whether you’re totally closed, temporarily altering your business hours or offering services in new ways to maintain social distancing, it’s important to let your new and existing customers know about the changes. To assist our existing clients and others who use WordPress with this important messaging, we are proud to offer our free, custom coded OgreAlert WordPress plugin.

Free OgreAlert Plugin

OgreAlert is an easy-to-use way to post a temporary message on your WordPress website to let viewers know about closures, adjusted hours of operation, or other changes to your business due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Unlike many other plugins available on the market, it’s a super lightweight bit of custom coding so it won’t slow down your site. Even better, it’s free for you to install and use — all we ask for is a valid email, no other strings attached.

The plugin includes several options and settings for your alerts:

  • Select one of several positions for your alert to appear
  • Select low, medium or high priority for an alert with customizable color schemes
  • Set a timeframe for the alert to re-appear after visitors dismiss the alert by clicking the “X”
  • Select an expiration date to stop showing your alert

Anyone with a basic understanding of WordPress and plugins should find it easy to add and use. However, if you have a current WordPress Managed Hosting package with CleverOgre and you need some assistance setting it up, we can help. Simply send an email to team@cleverogre.com with a brief alert message (we strongly suggest a maximum of 2–3 sentences, more than that may block too much of your website’s content and navigation, especially on mobile devices) and we’ll get it up for you using any unused minutes from your hosting plan.


  • If you’re out of minutes from your hosting plan or we don’t host your WordPress site, we can typically set up the plugin and publish a basic alert for about $25.
  • Any additional work for alert edits, support requests or fixes in the unlikely event OgreAlert conflicts with other plugins, themes or coding on your site may be quoted separately.
  • If you need a more robust custom announcement setup for more than 2–3 sentences or other special features, let us know the details and we can quote you on the time involved.
  • Sorry, our OgreAlert plugin only works on WordPress websites. If you don’t use WordPress and still need to put a custom message on your site, send us an email at team@cleverogre.com and we’ll see if we can help.

Get the OgreAlert Plugin

Not Using WordPress? Why Not?

Of course, if you haven’t yet made the move to a custom-coded WordPress website from CleverOgre, this is just one example of what you’re missing out on. For more details, check out our blog on Why We Say Yes to WordPress. When you’re ready to discuss how we can create a beautiful, robust, easy-to-use online presence for your business or organization, contact us and we’ll set up a video conference meeting via Zoom to discuss your needs and goals.

In the meantime, check out our list of decidedly Ogre-esque ways to stay sane while social distancing in our Surviving Quarantine Like an Ogre blog post.

Stay healthy, stay safe and take care of each other, people.