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Ever hear clients say they tried to call you on a disconnected phone number they found online? Need to make sure Google Maps sends traffic to your front door instead of a competitor? Want to know when someone leaves a bad review of your services so you can respond promptly?

Well then, have we got good news for you, friend: CleverOgre is now offering Listings Management to help with all of this and more!

Remember when we used phone books to look up phone numbers and addresses for businesses? Back then, a listing in those fat, yellow behemoths was all that was needed to be found by customers. When a business moved or changed phone numbers, we simply contacted Ma Bell and let her know the details. Easy-peasy.

These days, the internet and powerful mobile devices have made phone books obsolete. Customers simply whip out their phones to see who offers what they’re looking for. Within a click or two, they can see where you’re located, how to contact you and what other people have to say about your customer service.

Confused by incorrect information online, needs listings managementThe trouble is, not all of the information out there is accurate

Online directories — specialized services that gather phone numbers, addresses and other information about businesses — often pick up and distribute bad info. Old addresses or phone numbers from previous locations, mistaken entries, even bad reviews of other companies from confused customers can end up attached to your business name.

Thankfully, we have a solution to these problems and more: Listings Management from CleverOgre.

What Can Listings Management Do for Your Business?

Trust me animeListings Management helps customers trust your business

Studies show that 73% of consumers say they lose trust in a business when they find incorrect or conflicting information online. Since nearly 40% of business listings in online directories contain errors, this results in an estimated yearly loss of nearly $10 billion in sales.

When online information is complete and correct, more people can find you and become paying customers. In fact, customer confidence nearly doubles when listings include additional information such as hours of operation, ratings, photographs, menus and product descriptions.

Listings Management is a crucial facet of successful SEO efforts

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo comb through online directories for contact and location information to display in their search results. When they find conflicting addresses, phone numbers or website URLs for your company, the search engines are less confident about serving up your business as a trusted result.

Listings Management Lets You Stay Focused on Running Your Business

When you sign up for Listings Management with CleverOgre, we start by scouring more than 100 of the top digital services. We make sure they all have the correct name, address, phone number and website for your business. If we find any errors, we’ll repress the bad info and make sure the listings are updated with accurate information.

Even better, once we’ve gone through the directories and streamlined your listings we lock them down to make sure they stay accurate. We run scans 24/7 to find new information that doesn’t match — and we keep it from being distributed. We also get alerts for new reviews of your business, so you can stay on top of your online reputation.

But wait, there’s more! As a trusted listings management provider, CleverOgre can tell the search engines even more about who you are, what you sell and what services you provide with Enhanced Listings. We add the photos you want shown in search results, links to your website and even add information about any specials or promotions you’re running. Pretty cool, right?

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