A fun and functional website for an innovative company focused on efficiency and partnerships.

The founders of Ridge had made a name for themselves by shaking up business-as-usual in the energy infrastructure sphere.

Ridge LogoThe problem was their existing website didn’t communicate the company’s commitment to finding new and efficient ways of eliminating bottlenecks and stripping out budget-busting redundancies.

Ridge’s talented Brand Consultant contacted CleverOgre to help them find a creative solution.

We met with the Ridge team to discuss their lofty design and functionality goals.

Topping the list was their request to create custom, engaging imagery comprised of dream-like landscapes combined with informative features. Together we worked out strategies for displaying their long list of services and projects with clever features that wouldn’t overwhelm visitors with intimidating walls of text.

To make it all work as a cohesive whole, we provided Ridge with the following services:

  • Original WordPress theme design and custom website development
  • Customized illustrations, graphics and photo manipulation
  • Engaging custom text expanders and mobile-friendly animated transitions
  • Content refinement and editing
  • Optimization of foundational SEO
  • Managed hosting and website maintenance
  • Website update and editing training

The new GW Ridge website helps them stand out as a one-of-a-kind team dedicated to innovative solutions powered by smart partnerships.

Website for Ridge on desktop and mobile devicesCleverOgre designed the Ridge website to show off beautiful photography, smart branding and concise content. Easy navigation and distinctive UI elements make exploring the site fun and engaging.

Ridge Site Design

One-of-a-Kind Design

The homepage sets the stage for website visitors, combining descriptive language and fantasy elements with high-resolution visuals of natural settings.

Engaging Navigation Menu

Based upon the group’s focus on efficiency-boosting partnerships, the primary menu speaks to visitors with the very first click.

GW Ridge Menu Open
GW Ridge Who We Are

Animated Expanders for Content Sections

Although Ridge has a lot to say, they didn’t want to overwhelm visitors with tons of text that all loaded at once. Our animated expanders hide content until visitors are ready to dive deeper into specific services.

Minimalist Bios

In keeping with the directive to keep content short and sweet, the Ridge team’s bios include just the basics while encouraging visitors to use preferred contact methods.

Ridge Who We Are minimalist bios
Ridge Where We Work Map

Multi-Level Project Map

A custom project map highlights states where Ridge holds licenses as well as listing recently completed projects. As they continue to expand into new areas of North America, the project system effortlessly expands with them.

The original site is no longer up and running, but you can still check out the full site at ridge.ogre.me!

“As a Branding Consultant, companies trust me to create their image and then find the best talent to help bring it to life. Boy did I find the best in CleverOgre. I sought them out because the website I needed to create was far beyond my capabilities. This talented group was able to understand my vision right from the start and gave me and my clients the website of our dreams. Whenever I was at a loss on how to present information, I’d pass it off to them and every time they gave me a slam dunk. I cannot recommend this group enough for their professionalism, creativity, and TALENT.”

Bet Garcia, Branding Consultant

Do you need a website built to help you stand out from the crowd? Give us a call and see what the CleverOgre team can do for you!