A down-to-earth logo for a down-to-earth cannabis extract company.

Slosson Family Farms is a small business in Oklahoma that produces high-quality cannabis products.

When they first approached CleverOgre, Slosson Family Farms wanted to make sure we avoided using any typical “stoner” imagery, including marijuana leaves, rolled joints and bloodshot eyes.

Instead, they wanted a logo that represented the way they operate as a company. Slosson Family Farms controls every facet of production, from growing the plants to harvesting, extracting, processing and packaging the final products. This allows the family-run business to guarantee a very pure product that meets their own high standards for quality every step of the way.

We set ourselves the goal of creating a professional-yet-friendly logo that communicated this “dirt to lab” mentality.

A professional logo for high-end cannabis extract products.

We started by developing a graphic consisting of a single sprout rising from a round-bottom flask. This initial mark was then incorporated into the primary logo, inspired by elements of vintage farm graphics such as rays of sunshine and fields of green crops.

From there, we expanded the logo mark to a build a family of graphics that work together and adapt to a myriad of different uses.

Slosson Family Farms Brand

From product labels to shipping boxes, social media profile pictures to vehicle wraps, we designed the system to be highly adaptable to a wide variety of applications. Most importantly, the new Slosson Family Farms visual identity is as friendly and welcoming as the people behind the business.

Here's what Slosson Family Farms had to say about working with the Ogres:

Erin Slosson

Slosson Family Farms

“Thank you CleverOgre! You guys did a great job of helping our company to achieve our vision for a more professional logo. You really took to heart what we said and put together ideas that will look great on our packaging and the web! Working with you was a breeze. You were always quick to respond to questions or changes that we wanted to see in the design. You made it painless. We’re already looking forward to our next project!”

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